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Ory Hydra v2.2.0

AUTHOR: Ory Team

Ory Hydra, the OAuth2 and OpenID Connect server designed for web-scale deployments introduces over 6x higher OAuth2 throughput on a single PostgreSQL instance!

Want to check out Ory Hydra yourself? Try common OAuth2 flows in theĀ Ory OAuth2 Get Started guide!

This version significantly enhances performance, processing over 6x more authorization flows than version 2.1, thanks to architectural improvements that minimize database interactions for login and consent processes.

Key improvements include:

  • Enhanced integration with Ory Kratos, ensuring seamless synchronization of login and logout states across both services. Users logged out from Ory Hydra will automatically log out from Ory Kratos, enhancing security and user experience.

  • The ability to bypass the logout consent screen for specific clients, streamlining the logout process.

  • Simplified migration with the new feature to import OAuth2 Client IDs, making the transition to Ory Hydra smoother.

  • Support for the OIDC Verifiable Credentials specification, expanding the server's capabilities in identity verification.

Huge thanks all contributors who have made this release available!

Read the full release notes on GitHub

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