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Social sign-in for native and mobile apps

AUTHOR: Ory Team

Ory now supports OpenID Connect authentication for native mobile applications - so your users can sign into your apps using their account from Google, Apple, Facebook and many more providers. Adding social login to your apps brings multiple benefits:

Firstly, it can improve the user experience by allowing users to easily and quickly login using their existing social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google, eliminating the need for them to remember yet another username and password. This can lead to increased user adoption and retention as users are more likely to use an app that provides a convenient login process.

Additionally, social login support via OIDC can enhance the security of the login process. OIDC is a standard protocol that supports advanced security features such as multi-factor authentication and OAuth 2.0 authorization, which can help protect users' personal information and prevent unauthorized access to their accounts.

Finally, social login support via OIDC can provide valuable data and insights for app developers. With users' permission, the app can collect valuable data such as users' social media profiles and activity, which can be used to provide a more personalized and targeted user experience.

In summary: Less friction, faster secure, logins, better conversion and happier users!

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