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Track events in Ory Network live with advanced filtering

AUTHOR: Ory Team

You might have already seen it in the Ory Network Console:

We’ve introduced an Events Page with filtering options. This allows you to stay informed about events in your Ory Network project as they happen.
Here is a comprehensive list of all currently available events:

Ory Identities events

  • Sessions:
    Issued / Changed / Revoked / Checked / Tokenized as JWT

  • Registrations
    Failed / Succeeded

  • Logins
    Failed / Succeeded

  • Settings
    Failed / Succeeded

  • Recovery
    Failed / Succeeded

  • Verification
    Failed / Succeeded

  • Identity
    Created / Updated

  • Webhook
    Delivered / Succeeded / Failed

Ory Permission events

  • Relationtuples
    Deleted / Changed

  • Permissions
    Expanded / Checked

Ory OAuth2 events

  • OAuth2 Login
    Accepted / Rejected

  • OAuth2 Consent
    Accepted / Rejected / Revoked

  • OAuth2 Client
    Created / Updated / Deleted

  • OAuth2 Access Token
    Issued / Inspected / Revoked / Exchange Error

  • OIDC Identity Token Issued

Project related events

  • Custom Domain
    Created / Deleted / Updated

  • Project Member Invite
    Created / Accepted / Cancelled / Declined / Deleted

  • Project Member Removed

  • Project
    Created / Updated / Deleted

  • APIKey
    Created / Deleted

  • Subscription
    Updated / Checkout Completed / Checkout Initiated / Customer Portal Opened

As announced here, you can also live stream these events to your infrastructure.
Whether you are interested in tracking user sign-ins, assessing conversion flows, validating new registration strategies, or auditing project access the Events page provides valuable insights.

Visit the Live Events Page to see it in action and reach out to for feedback.

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