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Updated OAuth2 & OpenID Connect Documentation

AUTHOR: Ory Team

OAuth2 and OpenID Connect are powerful protocols to facilitate a range of use cases - API Access authorization, federated identity management, machine to machine access, social sign-in and single sign on are typically implemented with OAuth2.

The secure interoperability between systems and vendors they facilitate are a great win for internet applications. However, because of their flexibility, they also come with a learning curve. Add in the specific terminology, the interconnected use cases and the specifics of the myriad flows, and it's easy to get lost or confused.

That's why we revamped our extensive documentation for Ory OAuth2 & OpenID Connect over the past weeks. Ory makes OAuth2 accessible, eases implementation and helps to avoid the many pitfalls - and our docs are here to guide you from the concepts, to deciding if OAuth2 is the right fit, to the details and options of the various cases and flows. Check it out at We're looking forward to your feedback!

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